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Fascia Soffits

Fascia soffits

The very nature of the many and varied designs of properties built of the last century dictates that Fascia boards (the guttering fits onto it), and Soffits (the flat board that you see below the fascia board), are a necessity as part and parcel of the design structure. Protecting your structural roof space is essential if you want to prevent expensive and time-consuming repairs. PVC-U fascias conceal and protect your roof rafter, giving your roof an attractive and unified appearance that will look its best whatever the weather and has proved itself to be a stable, reliable, and valuable alternative which is virtually maintenance free. We use the design of over fascia ventilators which have a smooth leading edge allowing it to sit discretely to the top edge of the fascia board, beneath the felt, allowing an efficient flow of air through the eaves. It's robust enough to be used with any roof tile regardless of the profile either with plain tiles or slates, flat or pointed abutments.This essentually maintenance free ventilation option alleviates the need to install unsightly ventilation into soffit runs.

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Images are of original work installed and supplied by Alan Johnson & Son Windows